i’m more than a little annoyed that whenever i say “well, i like women more!” then I get angry asks telling me FINE, I’m too ugly for any man to even WANT me.

like - okay? whatever? I won’t pretend being called ugly doesn’t hurt me but I can say chill the fuck out alright. making the choice to not sleep with men means your chances stay at 0% because lemme tell you I deserve better than men who send angry anonymous messages on Tumblr

Why don't you like the term slutshaming? I'm not disagreeing with you, I've just heard other people say they don't like it and I can guess the argument but I've never really heard it fully explained. Thanks :)

I mean, beyond what I’ve said already, I’ve literally seen it used when talking about young girls who were sexually assaulted in this supposedly feminist way which is frustrating because there are so many better and more accurate words that don’t conflate sexual violence with the idea that she must’ve secretly wanted it. 

It sort of has spiraled into something that gets more clicks than using the term misogyny imo that’s why its used so often.


people still use the phrase ‘slutshaming’ in 2k14 wow

better terms to use instead of slutshaming, which, like it or not, implicitly says that a woman can BE a slut - as if there’s such a thing - would be misogyny, sexism btw.

people still use the phrase ‘slutshaming’ in 2k14 wow

can't find you FAQ how do I find it ?

well there’s

  • one link literally is three posts down where i say “updated my FAQ”
  • or you can hover over the links on my sidebar
  • OR you can go fauxcyborg.tumblr.com/faq

here's a q: how do you define bisexuality?

u can check my faq :)))))

there’s a very limited time for people to feel sorry for you when you have chronic illnesses and then they just get mad you haven’t magically gotten better from yoga or advil or drinking more water or “why don’t you try relaxing? it might be psychosomatic”

the problem though is I keep on getting migraines despite their best advice and keep on needing time to be sick long after their patience wears out and I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to express to someone that I worry that people see me as functionally useless without sounding self-pitying (which, fine, I’m self-pitying) or like I’m without hope at all or that I’m blaming them. 

updated my FAQ plz refer to it before sending questions about your sex life. 

You have lovely hair

Thanks! It is 100% due to bleach and Wella Toner in T18!

here’s the six selfie thing b/c i’m vaaaaaaaaain