consumer activism can effectively be used on a small and local scale.. local farms, local businesses should all be supported and everyone should reduce the waste they leave behind.

but I am critical of the green business movement as anything more than liberal feel good politics meant to placate us and obscure that while plastic bags for groceries are a terrible idea, our individual actions aren’t what is causing climate change. 

over ninety percent of california’s water is used in agriculture. not sustainable agriculture - large grazing areas, GMO food (which: I am not against GMOs in theory, - but in practice GMOs are largely used by agribusiness tycoons such as Monsanto in ways that makes agriculture less sustainable. In theory GMOs could be great if not for the corporate stranglehold on science)

and of the water used for agricultural purposes, overwhelmingly that water is misused or used ineffectively! can you imagine, most of the world’s water being used ineffectively? and the green movement largely obscuring that to focus on individual actions because confronting that the entire agriculture system of the developed world is ineffective, and wasteful and unsustainable?

I feel so much better now you’re not around
There’s no one to kick me while I’m down
No one to burn my bridges anymore
So keep on walking
‘Cause I’m not here to make you feel good
To dry up your tears and apologise for you
I feel so much better now you’re not around

i am staunchly against the use of words like gaslighting having an expanded meaning to include “someone disagreeing with me” because the term gaslighting must maintain its meaning in order for us to listen to abuse victims and survivors.

expanding its meaning depoliticizes the term and removes language that should be afforded to those in need of it. 

in four months i’m probably gonna be muttering about deep ecology aren’t i

If you don't mind my asking, what do you use for your hair to sort of protect and rebuild its health? I'm just curious :)

Agave oil nightly, coconut oil and I cowash with purple conditioner! 

a problem with development work is the assumption that the middle-class is accessible to all and you CREATE that middle-class and model it off Western countries then development will follow.

of course some people will be able to do that! but the middle-class in a capitalist system requires that there be a larger and exploited group of the poor. it requires that farmland turn into cattle grazing (the production of meat demands more water and land than agriculture), it requires that rivers become owned by private corporations, it cannot create anything but suffering for the majority of people in the countries that are being “developed” to better suit Western countries need for more, more, more. 

also worth mentioning is that the global aid community is complicit in endorsing corporate charities, in urging for the privatization of indigenous resources & encourage short-term profit at the expense of the lives of the people they’re allegedly helping.

there are some people with good intentions in global aid. but when you’re not anti-capitalist any reform made will be done to cover the tracks of those lauded corporate citizens. 

in parts of the world, esp. the global south, the majority of subsistence and small-scale farmers are women.

the privatization of water, climate change, corporate pollution will fall most heavily upon these women! women’s labor is devalued and replaced with large, unsustainable agribusinesses that lead to short term gain for large corporations who can always disguise their actions with corporate charity (that often wouldn’t be needed if not for their neocolonial practices) and when the land is used up, they will leave behind sterile seeds, plants that don’t provide necessary nutrition and large cattle grazing areas that demand more and more water that has been privatized. 

so the thing is i only want to grow my hair out to a bob to HAVE one of those 60s retrofuture bleach blonde bobs but did u know growing bleached hair out is VERY DIFFICULT 



Going on right now in Ferguson: Police are raiding a church that has been stocked with medical supplies, food, and tear gas recovery kits for community members engaging in protests. This cannot be allowed to continue.

Stand up, speak out. 

This is real life. (x)