100% suggest checking out how the second-wave of feminism arose because of the misogyny of the sexual revolution + how hippie language was used to demand access to women’s bodies 

lol okay stick with me i actually have Serious Important Things I want to talk about tomorrow 

heterosexism is a double-edged sword: yes, other people might assume I’m straight but I’m going to assume other people are straight too because if I don’t - well, I might get hurt if I’m wrong. and then I think well, what if someone who thought I was straight wasn’t and they were afraid of the same exact thing I’m afraid of? 

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i’ve seen people who id as gay that say homophobia is a systemic problem whereas biphobia is just an annoyance like ???

there are terrible people everywhere and then other terrible people use that to excuse their own terribleness which is frustrating because there is very real pain and the leveraging and setting each other against each other to talk about how people in our own communities hurt each other is rude! 

all the while btw, I imagine a straight cisgender man cackling and rubbing his hands together. 

idk look visibility doesn’t always equal power. erasure sucks but uh, sometimes I want to pass for straight.

source: being followed around and men threatening to rape me several times because I was being “visibly queer” and one time them literally following me back to where I live 

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exactly! bi women who mainly date other women will have their bisexuality erased by bi tumblr because we want sisterhood and understanding w lesbians rather than classing them as our oppressors. it’s as if ur not a Real Bi if u dont hate lesbians. :/

this entire idea (which I do honestly believe is just being loudly repeated by a vocal few) that lesbians and bi women are enemies is so ridiculous! I am like repeating to myself “this is ridiculous” over and over and over again because there is such a wide variation between different bisexual experiences and they’re all valid! but like I’ve literally seen people say biphobia has nothing to do with homophobia which lol sure okay. 


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exactly. i feel so distant and excluded from Official Bi Tumblr bc i’m only interested in having relationships w other women mainly, or nonbinary people

lol i know of at least four other bi women on this godforsaken website who are regularly accused of Not Really Being Bi because they aren’t dating men and don’t want to in the future but hey that’s not erasure unless its done by those mean lesbi- I mean ~monosexuals~

ofc don’t get me wrong, if you see or think the majority of bi people are untrustworthy b/c of the homophobic bullshit by a few vocal people and decide that hey that fauxcyborg is against the whole politics surrounding monosexuality lemme tag this with ‘bihet’ u can leave too

the entire dialogue around bi issues on tumblr just kind of skirts around those of us who are in or only want to be in gay relationships lol 

like jfc how frustrating is it to see serious issues about bisexuality being reduced over and over and over to television! I am so bored! so bored! by people saying they can’t trust bi women or they can’t trust lesbians because they interpret a character one way or the other! 

media criticism is necessary and important as it effects people in the real world but these fights are just sort of happening instead of talking about REAL PEOPLE