Raymond Casto, a patron of the Stonewall Inn, who was arrested and charged by the NYPD for harassment during the Stonewall Riots.

In an 2009 interview with Jonathan Ned Katz, Castro recalled the events of the Stonewall Riots fifty years earlier.

“I’m not a radical, but I always had a feeling for the underdog,” said Castro. Having escaped the Stonewall after the raid, he recalled going back in to the bar to give identification to a young fellow of his acquaintance who looked scared and who, Castro surmised, lacked ID. Castro then couldn’t get out of the Stonewall: “The police kept me there, they held us hostage,” he recalls. Later, when several police officers tried to place him in the paddy wagon, Castro put up an intense fight, but was subdued and driven off. Castro recalls an officer commenting on his fierce struggle with several policemen: “You must be some kind of animal!”

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